Webinar · Unlocking the Potential of the Sugar Industry for SDGs in Africa

15 March 2024 · Alessio BRINA

We are excited to extend a warm invitation to you for the upcoming webinar Unlocking the Potential of the Sugar Industry for SDGs in Africa. This time around, we’re gearing up for an enlightening webinar centered on unleashing the potential of Africa’s sugar industry for the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs). The sugar sector in Africa it’s a powerhouse with far-reaching impacts that extend well beyond food and energy security. It holds the key to fostering entrepreneurship, preserving the environment, and even saving foreign exchange. With its extensive supply chain intricately woven across various sectors —ranging from agriculture and industry to energy, trade, and transportation — the significance of the sugar industry amplifies manifold.

In the years 2022-2023, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) embarked on comprehensive studies of the sugar sector across six African countries: Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania. These studies delved deep into the fabric of the sugar industry, meticulously scrutinizing its role in decarbonization while uncovering a spectrum of unique opportunities and challenges within each nation. So, mark your calendars for the 22nd of March at 1 pm CET, as we embark on a journey to explore the untapped potential of the sugar industry. This webinar promises to be an insightful discussion, offering actionable insights that have the power to catalyze transformative change. Join us online for an engaging session that aims to shed light on how the sugar industry can be a driving force for sustainable development in Africa.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a dynamic conversation that seeks to unlock Africa’s sweet potential. Register now and be prepared to gain valuable insights and contribute to shaping a sweeter, more sustainable future for the continent.