Webinar · Unlocking the Potential of the Sugar Industry for SDGs in Africa

We're thrilled to invite you to the webinar, focusing on Africa's sugar industry and its role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs). Beyond food and energy security, the sector fosters entrepreneurship, environmental preservation, and currency conservation.

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COP28: UNIDO, OPEC Fund and SEforALL sign a cooperation agreement

UNIDO, OPEC Fund and SEforALL signed a cooperation agreement on the Climate Finance and Energy Innovation Hub to accelerate climate finance and energy innovation in policy, financing and partnerships

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IVECF Media Gallery

Our presence at the International Vienna Energy and Climate Forum 2023.

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At the Council on Ethanol Clean Cooking (CECC), we are dedicated to driving positive change in developing countries through the promotion of ethanol as a clean cooking fuel. We aim is to foster a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and technology in support of the sustainable growth of ethanol-based cooking solutions.

What we do

Our focus lies in engaging with high-impact developing countries to raise awareness, enhance capabilities, and facilitate technology transfer for ethanol-based clean cooking. By aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal 7 and National Determined Contribution commitments, we empower nations to take a significant step towards a more sustainable future. CECC provides a platform for:

Information Exchange

Sharing best practices, experiences, and technical insights.

Technology Transfer

Facilitating the adoption of cutting-edge ethanol-related technologies.

Capacity Building

Strengthening local capacities for sustainable ethanol production.


Connecting member countries with relevant entities and stakeholders.

Our mission

The CECC's primary mission is to create a thriving ecosystem that supports the growth of the ethanol industry and its associated value chains in developing countries. We stand by our member countries, supporting them in their efforts to develop fuel grade ethanol industry and value chains from locally produced industrial crops; and to create, establish and strengthen a market for ethanol as clean cooking fuel.


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How to become a member

Membership within CECC is open to developing countries, least developed countries, and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) that share the ambition of establishing a fuel-grade ethanol production industry and ethanol-based cooking value chains. We also extend our invitation to development partners, donors, industry associations, private sector entities, research and development organizations, and think tanks. Members enjoy opportunities to connect with these diverse entities for support, funding options, and valuable guidance.

To join our community, simply submit a letter expressing your interest, including the names, official designations, and contact details of both the Delegate and an Alternate. There are no membership fees or financial commitments required.

Contact us

Are you exploring CECC website but you were not able to find what you’re looking for?

Feel free to mail us here, we will be happy to support you.

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